“Reliable and secure environment of the servers. “

The hosting offers allow you to guarantee the reliability and physical security of the execution environment of your computer servers; two large bricks to the availability and the overall security of the information system.

ADACTIM supports its customers in the selection and migration to Datacenter (s) according to their needs and constraints.
ADACTIM offers, with its partners, competitive and secured hosting services which are compliant with international standards.

  • Ensure availability of the environment,
  • Access to a scalable hosting capacity,
  • Control costs of the setting up and management of the execution environments.
  • Provision of a hosting space,
  • Provision of a hosting rack,
  • Migration of data and applications to the data center.
Customer Benefits
  • Improved business agility,
  • Greater efficiency: prompt matching between the provided space and the real need,
  • Planning and control of the cost,
  • Increased reliability,
  • Physical security.