Data Backup

Data Backup

Protect your data reliably.

Data is an important asset for the company. Their security is a major challenge for the business sustainability.
ADACTIM secures your data by setting up efficient backup solutions along with managed services offering to operate data security and backup.

  • Avoid loss of data,
  • Ensure the availability, usability and freshness of data,
  • Ensure data protection in case of disaster.
  • Establishment and maintenance of the backup policy,
  • Ensure recurrent backups of your data with or without encryption,
  • Securing your data backup supports off-premises,
  • Ensure data replication internally or in the cloud,
  • Installation of hardware and software solutions for backup,
  • Commitment to service levels agreements (SLA),
  • Design and implementation of data recovery test plans,
  • Processing of data recovery requests,
  • Partnerships with leading data security sector (Symantec Backupexec, Microsoft Data Protection Manager, VMware Data Protection, Wooxo, Weeam Backup and Replication, etc.).
Customer Benefits
  • Rigorous and industrialized backup process,
  • Safety of backed up data,
  • Protection of sensitive corporate data,
  • Guarantee of recovery time following incident or disaster.