IT security compliance solution

IT security compliance solution

Dashboard for RSSI,Compliance with regulatory requirements and international standards,Mastery of IT security.

The control of data and IT resources security requires the definition of a security policy and its translation into appropriate IT tools that verify its proper application.
IT security compliance solution from ADACTIM is based upon Positive Technologies MaxPatrol providing the IT Security Officer with dashboards and effective audit tools allowing him to anticipate and to deal with risks with celerity.

  • Ensure compliance with ISO 27000 and PCI DSS,
  • Ensure applications and data security,
  • Protection of critical IT Infrastructure.
  • Analysis of technical and organizational requirements and constraints for the target solution,
  • Identifying and defining KPI for the RSSI dashboard,
  • Implementation and tuning of the platform,
  • Analysis of reports and identification of critical points,
  • Support for the RSSI for the treatment of identified vulnerabilities,
  • Using standard techniques, heuristics, self-learning and behavioral analysis to detect attacks in zero-day,
  • Protection of web solutions (Web Application Firewall), mobile applications and ERP systems,
  • Analysis of deployed applications and source code in SAST, DAST and AIST modes,
  • Evaluation and audit of vulnerability and security assessment for OS configurations, DB, Web servers and ERP systems as white and black boxes,
  • Audit of infrastructure security, including Pentest for ICS / SCADA, Telecom & Banking,
  • Ensures research regarding vulnerability of applications, OS, databases, networks, etc.
  • Hardening guides for security and configuration policies (checklist)
  • The monitoring of threats, 0-day alerts, anomaly detection, incident management and logs supervision.
    Solution-based on Positive Technologies MaxPatrol.
Customer Benefits
  • Reduce the time between audits to improve the level of compliance,
  • In-depth analysis of all your systems and applications,
  • Translation of high-level standards of compliance into control operations,
  • Measure the effectiveness of the organization about the company IT security,
  • Secure software development lifecycle.