Securing your networks

Securing your networks

Secure your networks to sustain your business.

A successful company is connected with its ecosystem and provides easy-to-use mobility solutions to its employees and partners.
ADACTIM implements security solutions for various types of connections to protect the company while preserving its agility.
ADACTIM secures your telecoms network and your computer connections by implementing reliable solutions and with its managed services offering of the enterprise IT security operations.

  • Protect its information system and prevent data leakage,
  • Prevent any interruption of the business due to virus attacks, hacking, industrial espionage, etc.
  • Protect confidential data,
  • Apply a consistent security policy regardless of the devices used,
  • Interconnect different company sites and the company to its partners while preserving the enterprise security,
  • Provide secure access to mobile employees/partners.
  • Defining the network architecture and sizing,
  • Installation of equipment and software dedicated to the protection of IT business systems and infrastructure: firewall, intrusion detection (IDS), vulnerability management, etc.
  • Support the implementation of IT security operation procedures,
  • Support the establishment of governance of IT security risks,
  • Periodic audits to identify vulnerabilities and check compliance,
  • Supervision and operating 24/7 of networks and applications security,
  • Partnerships with leaders in the IT security industry (Symantec NAC, Cisco, FortiGate, Cyberoam, etc.).
Customer Benefits
  • External security through the implementation of firewall and intrusion detection systems,
  • Internal security to protect users’ devices against any virus threat,
  • Tailored security policy for muti-OS mobile devices (remote lock, data encryption, implementing of antivirus, firewall, mobile VPN, etc.),
  • Data availability and integrity with respect to confidentiality,
  • Increased productivity through mobility.