Unified messaging

Unified messaging

A unique interface for all your correspondence.

Unified messaging allows centralized access to receive email, fax, voice messages and transfer incoming messages in your mail software as attachments. Messages are accessible through web interface or voice. SMS alerts notify you of new messages.

  • Direct the different means of communication (email, fax, SMS, telephone, voice messages …) to a single medium,
  • Facilitate access to messaging services for different users,
  • Enable better responsiveness for mobile users (commercial, consultants, …).
  • Solution based on a structured approach: requirements analysis, definition of the architecture and identification of the technical solution,
  • Implementation of the chosen unified messaging solution and its integration with the rest of the information system of the company,
  • Change management including users’ training,
  • Optional managed services of the solution operation and administration.
Customer Benefits
  • Easy to use interface,
  • Single inbox for voice, fax, email, sms,
  • Permanent and secure access to voicemail,
  • Access to the same communications tools from within and outside the company premises,
  • Integration with your ERP and CRM systems,
  • Cost optimization,
  • Increased productivity.