Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

An agile, secure and available users’ devices environment.

Our desktop virtualization solution enables centralized management of users’ environments regardless of the terminal used and its location.

  • Mastering the enterprise users‘ devices,
  • Improving employee productivity,
  • Securing data.
  • Definition and implementation of user profiles,
  • Establishment of infrastructure on dedicated server, private cloud or public cloud,
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure products,
  • Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure,
  • Creation of templates for virtual machines,
  • User data migration,
  • Adaptation of operating IT procedures,
  • Day to day management of private cloud and virtual machines,
  • Homogenization and centralized profiles management.
Customer Benefits
  • Optimization of IT resources,
  • Improved users’ satisfaction,
  • Agility and flexibility to respond to changing business needs,
  • Improved responsiveness in the provision of IT resources,
  • Reduced downtime,
  • Investment reduction
  • Reduced cost of IT operations,
  • Accessing applications from anywhere and from any device including BYOD (Bring your own device).