Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions

Comprehensive ERP solution, flexible and scalable allowing the automation of core business operations.

ADACTIM offers an easy to use ERP solution for large companies and groups of companies, powerful functionally and technically, tailored for your environment, helping you to optimize your processes and allowing you an efficient management of multi-company, multi-country and multi-currency corporations.

  • Gives a global, real-time view of business units and / or subsidiaries,
  • nable companies to address business concerns proactively and drive organization improvements,
  • Support the enterprise growth
  • Solution built around a new generation of ERP: MS Dynamics AX
  • Solution localized and adapted to the fiscal, social and regulatory and internal procedures of the company / group,
  • Comes, in its standard version, with several vertical sectors for industry, distribution, retail, services and public sector,
  • Well Integrated with Microsoft Office 365 suite and with your information system and your IT infrastructure,
  • Solution accompanied by a service offering covering not only the implementation phase but also the operations/optimizations phases.
Customer Benefits
  • An accelerated return on investment,
  • Increased employee productivity with an easy anytime, anywhere access,
  • Complete integration of your process, your business units and territories in a homogeneous system,
  • An asset for the development of your enterprise.