Nos valeurs

ADACTIM is an enterprise of IT services that innovates continuously, invests in its human capital and puts the customer at the center of its everyday concerns. The customer at the center of our strategy Women and men of ADACTIM put the challenges of customers at the heart of their actions. Our human capital is central […]

Our vision

A successful company must meet two challenges; first, serve customers and grow, and also have the technological resources needed to succeed. The technologies have become increasingly complex and evolving in an accelerated manner. This requires a significant mobilization of the enterprise’s IT, human and financial resources. In a world of increased competitiveness, the company must […]

Our mission

ADACTIM enables the company to benefit from technological transformations in the areas of IT infrastructure and integrated business systems allowing it to focus its energy on its core business. Our mission is to facilitate to businesses the access to technological innovations, to simplify their daily use, allowing the company to be more efficient and competitive.