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ADACTIM accompanies you throughout the lifecycle of your IT system to simplify its use, optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) and enable you to maximize the return on investment (ROI). ADACTIM can help you in upstream projects consulting phases, it can ensure the implementation of the information system and the underlying IT infrastructure while staying committed to its efficient operations, maintenance and use. ADACTIM simplifies your IT with service offerings that integrate and mask the complexity of the different layers of information systems while benefiting from technological innovations.
  • Availability of the company's IT services for all sites and for all employees (including mobile staff) and for the external partners,
  • Optimizing CAPEX and OPEX interconnection means.
  • Definition of the network architectures,
  • Performance diagnostics,
  • Support for choosing technology and telecoms operators offers,
  • Sizing and optimization of interconnection links,
  • Assistance in carrying out networking projects,
  • Assistance in managing deployment and migration projects.
Customer benefits
  • Reliable, efficient, agile and secure networking and telecom infrastructure,
  • Networking and telecom infrastructure at the best cost.
  • Having your ERP solution rapidly,
  • Rapid evolution of your ERP to match your changing business needs,
  • Avoid risks and additional costs caused by frequent technological changes,
  • Immediate alignment with regulations and local taxation.
  • Provision of an ERP solution in a month,
  • ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solutions online,
  • Integration with the rest of your infrastructure and information system whether or not the Cloud,
  • Single point of contact for operation, support and maintenance and development through our offer Managed ERP.
Customer Benefits
  • Minimize initial investment,
  • Ensuring high availability and sustainability of its ERP solution,
  • Focus your energy on the business challenges,
  • Improve productivity of your management teams,
  • Capitalize on your infrastructure and Microsoft tools in place (AD, Exchange, Office 365, SharePoint, Yammer) Facilitate the update with respect to changes to the ERP,
  • Easy and efficient operation.
  • Reduce time-to-market,
  • Benefit from the opportunities of nomadism and the proliferation of fixed and mobile devices (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet ...),
  • Dealing with the exponential increase in the size of company data,
  • Allow employees to enjoy the same features anywhere and whatever the device used,
  • Ensure a high level of availability and security.
  • Solution architecture identification that integrates with your environment,
  • Identification of Microsoft Office 365 offers the most suitable for your needs,
  • Identify your needs in terms of security,
  • Migrating your environment to the cloud without service interruption,
  • Deployment of the collaboration solution,
  • Migrate your data to the cloud onedrive enterprise,
  • Implementation of the social network of the company,
  • Establishment of the company SharePoint intranet,
  • Implementation of the Skype Enterprise Conferencing platform,
  • Update your operation procedures,
  • Establishment of scenarios of use,
  • Change management,
  • Manage the scalability of your emailing system according to your business evolution,
  • Operate the solution.
Customer Benefits
  • Better communication and reactivity both internally and with your customers and partners,
  • Simplification of the administration,
  • Reducing operating costs and budget control,
  • Service available from a wide range of devices,
  • Highly available service,
  • Simplification of operations’ tasks for your IT department.
ADACTIM provides its customers with a cloud services catalog covering the company's management information system, the IT department information system, and comprehensive set of tools of collaboration and productivity. ADACTIM, with its partners, is constantly working to enrich the services catalog allowing customers to take advantage of the opportunities the cloud model is offering.
  • Ensure availability of the environment,
  • Access to a scalable hosting capacity,
  • Control costs of the setting up and management of the execution environments.
  • Provision of a hosting space,
  • Provision of a hosting rack,
  • Migration of data and applications to the data center.
Customer Benefits
  • Improved business agility,
  • Greater efficiency: prompt matching between the provided space and the real need,
  • Planning and control of the cost,
  • Increased reliability,
  • Physical security.
  • Reduce time-to-market necessary for the development of your business,
  • Provide a reliable, available and secure Cloud solutions,
  • Smooth integration of Cloud solutions with existing systems,
  • Easy and efficient operations of your IT systems,
  • Getting the best value from increasingly constrained budgets.
  • Application Mapping,
  • Customer support to build its migration strategy to the cloud,
  • Preparation of environments to be migrate to the cloud,
  • Choice of hosting solutions and the hosting operator,
  • Securing the infrastructure to put in the cloud,
  • Design and implementation of the service catalog and self-service portal,
  • Definition and implementation of interfaces with existing systems,
  • Switches applications on cloud infrastructures,
  • Change management.
Customer Benefits
  • Improved business agility,
  • Greater efficiency: better matching between capacity and actual need,
  • Planning and cost control,
  • Increased reliability and security,
  • Reliable disaster recovery,
  • Increased quality and consistency.
The Cloud is a profound transformation in the way IT infrastructures and information systems are built and used. The Cloud solutions concerns not only centralized infrastructure and information systems, collaboration and sharing tools but also end-users’ terminals. The cloud provides IT organizations a real opportunity for a new alternative for deployment of the whole or a part of their IT systems allowing them to reduce time to market and investment, while benefiting from greater availability, flexibility and security. ADACTIM supports its customers in this transformation with its consulting services for an effective transition to the cloud (private, public, hybrid). ADACTIM offers a tailored and secure Cloud solutions a long side a set of SaaS services.
  • Ensure compliance with ISO 27000 and PCI DSS,
  • Ensure applications and data security,
  • Protection of critical IT Infrastructure.
  • Analysis of technical and organizational requirements and constraints for the target solution,
  • Identifying and defining KPI for the RSSI dashboard,
  • Implementation and tuning of the platform,
  • Analysis of reports and identification of critical points,
  • Support for the RSSI for the treatment of identified vulnerabilities,
  • Using standard techniques, heuristics, self-learning and behavioral analysis to detect attacks in zero-day,
  • Protection of web solutions (Web Application Firewall), mobile applications and ERP systems,
  • Analysis of deployed applications and source code in SAST, DAST and AIST modes,
  • Evaluation and audit of vulnerability and security assessment for OS configurations, DB, Web servers and ERP systems as white and black boxes,
  • Audit of infrastructure security, including Pentest for ICS / SCADA, Telecom & Banking,
  • Ensures research regarding vulnerability of applications, OS, databases, networks, etc.
  • Hardening guides for security and configuration policies (checklist)
  • The monitoring of threats, 0-day alerts, anomaly detection, incident management and logs supervision. Solution-based on Positive Technologies MaxPatrol.
Customer Benefits
  • Reduce the time between audits to improve the level of compliance,
  • In-depth analysis of all your systems and applications,
  • Translation of high-level standards of compliance into control operations,
  • Measure the effectiveness of the organization about the company IT security,
  • Secure software development lifecycle.
  • Avoid loss of data,
  • Ensure the availability, usability and freshness of data,
  • Ensure data protection in case of disaster.
  • Establishment and maintenance of the backup policy,
  • Ensure recurrent backups of your data with or without encryption,
  • Securing your data backup supports off-premises,
  • Ensure data replication internally or in the cloud,
  • Installation of hardware and software solutions for backup,
  • Commitment to service levels agreements (SLA),
  • Design and implementation of data recovery test plans,
  • Processing of data recovery requests,
  • Partnerships with leading data security sector (Symantec Backupexec, Microsoft Data Protection Manager, VMware Data Protection, Wooxo, Weeam Backup and Replication, etc.).
Customer Benefits
  • Rigorous and industrialized backup process,
  • Safety of backed up data,
  • Protection of sensitive corporate data,
  • Guarantee of recovery time following incident or disaster.