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ADACTIM develops an approach to social and environmental responsibility (CSR) in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact to which it adheres.
ADACTIM has developed a concrete action plan on economic, social and environmental axes.

Economic :

ADACTIM is committed to respect business ethics in business development and in managing relationships with customers and suppliers.

ADACTIM is active in the development of the digital ecosystem within its territory through its contributions to professional ONG.

Social :

ADACTIM bases its development on its human capital, in fact women and men of ADACTIM are the company greatest asset. ADACTIM has put in place a state of the art policy and resources for talent management respecting the following values:

– Fairness, transparency and non-discrimination with regard to recruitment, remuneration, promotion and in the enterprise management in general,

– The contribution to the improvement of the social security and benefits of its employees,

– Skills and career development of the employees,

– Favoring the integration of junior graduates,

– Development of solidarity actions within the company and outside the company,

– Development of the welfare and comfort of employees,

– Development of internal communication and corporate life.

 Environnemental :

ADACTIM implements concrete actions to reduce the environmental impact in areas such as energy consumption, acquisition and management of IT assets and contribution to the improvement of our immediate environment. ADACTIM also develops with its employees’ a policy of environment improvement and preservation.