Who we are?

ADACTIM is an integrator and an application managed services operator with international presence in Europe, North Africa and Africa.

ADACTIM supports its customers in their business and technology transformation projects. We bring performance to our customers by optimizing and simplifying their business process and the operation of their information systems and IT infrastructure.

Through its consulting, integration and managed services, ADACTIM brings to its customers its expertise to the implementation of innovative solutions and the outsourcing of the enterprise ERP, Cloud and IT Infrastructure.

ADACTIM moves into its new headquarters located in El Ghazela Technology Park. A modern set up in accordance to international standards offering our employees a safe and comfortable work environment.


Management team

Riadh KrichèneExecutive Director

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1990. After an experience of more than 20 years in Europe in prestigious consulting firms and software companies (Capgemini, UBITRADE, SunGard), he joined the group wevioo (formerly OXIA) in 2007 as a partner in charge initially of the organization and then the business unit of the IT managed services and infrastructure solutions. He is currently the executive director at ADACTIM in charge of operations.






Ours engagements

Our mission

ADACTIM enables the company to benefit from technological transformations in the areas of IT infrastructure and integrated business systems allowing it to focus its energy on its core business.

Our mission is to facilitate to businesses the access to technological innovations, to simplify their daily use, allowing the company to be more efficient and competitive.

Our vision

A successful company must meet two challenges; first, serve customers and grow, and also have the technological resources needed to succeed.

The technologies have become increasingly complex and evolving in an accelerated manner. This requires a significant mobilization of the enterprise’s IT, human and financial resources.
In a world of increased competitiveness, the company must focus all its energy on its core business and must constantly innovate and improve its products and services.

A successful company should focus its resources on its development and its customers. To that end the company should be well-equipped in business software and IT infrastructure and outsources appropriate operations processes.

Nos valeurs

ADACTIM is an enterprise of IT services that innovates continuously, invests in its human capital and puts the customer at the center of its everyday concerns.

  • The customer at the center of our strategy
    Women and men of ADACTIM put the challenges of customers at the heart of their actions.
  • Our human capital is central to our enterprise
    Integrity, transparency, respect and team spirit are the fundamentals of our human capital management.
    Innovating to be efficient
  • We invest constantly in R & D, and we develop continuously a network of technologically advanced partners.
    Industrialize to commit
  • ADACTIM puts in place processes and tools for a structured management of our operations and our projects allowing us to meet our commitments.



ADACTIM develops an approach to social and environmental responsibility (CSR) in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact to which it adheres.
ADACTIM has developed a concrete action plan on economic, social and environmental axes.

Economic :

ADACTIM is committed to respect business ethics in business development and in managing relationships with customers and suppliers.

ADACTIM is active in the development of the digital ecosystem within its territory through its contributions to professional ONG.

Social :

ADACTIM bases its development on its human capital, in fact women and men of ADACTIM are the company greatest asset. ADACTIM has put in place a state of the art policy and resources for talent management respecting the following values:

– Fairness, transparency and non-discrimination with regard to recruitment, remuneration, promotion and in the enterprise management in general,

– The contribution to the improvement of the social security and benefits of its employees,

– Skills and career development of the employees,

– Favoring the integration of junior graduates,

– Development of solidarity actions within the company and outside the company,

– Development of the welfare and comfort of employees,

– Development of internal communication and corporate life.

 Environnemental :

ADACTIM implements concrete actions to reduce the environmental impact in areas such as energy consumption, acquisition and management of IT assets and contribution to the improvement of our immediate environment. ADACTIM also develops with its employees’ a policy of environment improvement and preservation.